About Us: Corporate Capabilities

WRI was founded in 1967 as a 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit corporation registered in New York State under the name of Welfare Research, Incorporated. As specialized consultants in human services, health, and education, we provide a range of services related to administrative support, publications, training, and program evaluation.

WRI has worked with numerous federal agencies, state, city, and county departments, and private and voluntary organizations throughout the United States.

Administrative Support

WRI has managed administration, finances, and human resources for a variety of projects and programs.

We monitor, evaluate, and administer contracts for the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene that provide community-based services to the seriously mentally ill and children and adolescents with severe emotional disturbances.

In recent years, we have provided technical support to public agencies to assist them in diversifying revenue sources, improving cash flow, identifying potential funders, and developing the capacity to integrate client services with existing programs.

Publications and Training

WRI provides assistance to public and private agencies in the areas of communications and training. We have written, edited, and produced manuals, guidebooks, brochures, and newsletters, for both print and online publication.

We have worked with universities, professional development programs, and private agencies to create training programs and materials. Our staff is able to coordinate conferences and workshops, contract with instructors or presenters, and facilitate training sessions.

Research and Evaluation

WRI has a long history of providing research support to public and private agencies. During its first two decades, the company established research institutes to study the effectiveness of human services projects. These included:

  • The Developmental Disabilities Training and Research Center conducted projects such as a statewide evaluation of programs for young children with developmental disabilities, development of screening instruments, and collection of data.
  • The Public Employment Research Institute provided research and support services in a number of areas related to public employment. Topics included occupational safety, job sharing, performance evaluation, and factors in worker satisfaction.
  • The Social Services Research Institute carried out short-term research on innovative social service practices in a number of areas such as day care, foster care, adoption, hospice care, and child protective services.

WRI continues to provide assistance to agencies in their efforts to establish best practices in serving their unique communities.


WRI’s location in Albany, New York provides proximity to state agencies and the legislature as well as to the upstate region and a large number of statewide organizations. WRI establishes temporary offices in other locations to implement particular projects more effectively, as needed.