Our Mission

The mission of Welfare Research, Incorporated (WRI) is to provide research and technical assistance to enhance organizational and staff capacity in the human services, health, and education sectors. WRI offers creative, effective, and prompt assistance to public and private agencies with needs for research; program evaluation; publications/production support (writing, editing, graphic design, printing); conference planning and coordination; and grant writing.

Since its founding in 1967 as a nonprofit organization, WRI has contracted with numerous public (state and city) and private agencies primarily, but not exclusively, in New York State. Projects are conducted in the areas of child welfare (foster care, adoption, child protection, day care, child support enforcement), youth services, the elderly, health care, HIV/AIDS, mental health, developmental disabilities, labor-management relations, employment and training, literacy, and housing.

WRI's central location in Albany, New York provides proximity to state agencies and the Legislature as well as the upstate region and New York City. As needed, WRI establishes temporary offices in other locations to implement specific projects more effectively.